Industries POS Software Solutions

At Volanté we understand that not all hospitality locations are alike and our software can be tailored for your unique business.


Restaurant Point of Sale

From quick service to table service restaurant, from ordinary split-check requests to extraordinarily customized orders, from customer loyalty programs to kitchen video systems, Volanté solutions are fast, flexible and packed with convenient features.

Institutional & Cafeteria

Institutional & Cafeteria POS Solutions

Volanté represents the next generation in hospitality POS management systems for school and corporate cafeterias. Simple to use, yet extremely powerful, Volanté’s versatile architecture puts power at your fingertips.

Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop POS Solutions

Coffee shops are a unique restaurant segment with high-volume traffic in the early morning for specialty beverages, baked goods and sandwiches. This breakfast rush requires an enticing menu, rapid service and higher staffing levels which all can be managed by Volanté Solutions.

Bar & Night Club

Bar POS Solutions

Bar patrons expect immediate, flawless service in order to keep the mood upbeat. Volanté Systems provide superior operational capacity for handling the bar environment order fulfillment.

Stadiums & Convention Centers

Stadiums & Convention Centers POS

Large venues face unique challenges, Volante's leading edge peer-to-peer technology and wireless flexibility provides solutions that are fast, robust and reliable.


Hotel POS Systems

Volanté is unique from other hotel POS systems in the marketplace today in that when your business evolves, Volanté will grow with you. Volanté is specifically designed to evolve along with technological advancement.


Destinations POS Solutions

Whether you’re running a ski resort, a theme park, a waterpark, a specialty attraction or something in between, the goals are basically the same: keep your Guests happy without slowing them down with outdated or unreliable technology. With Volanté you’re getting a superior POS solutions that adapts to your business needs.

Enterprise & Multi-Unit Retailer

Multi-Unit Retailer POS Solutions

Enterprise customers need solutions to monitor and manage crucial business information from a central location as the stores are spread across different regions. With Volanté you can maintain those links plus more like CRM, inventory management, centralized pricing et al.