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Volanté Systems Hospitality Software "Checks In" at the Southampton Inn & Spa

Offering top notch comfort and boasting ever so modern amenities, this gem of an Inn on the Bruce Peninsula wisely contracted Toronto based hospitality software company Volanté POS Systems to consolidate all their guest services.

The result is a stress free, seamless guest experience.

Along with awe-inspiring technology, the millennium has also brought with it a new trend in lodging. The basic Bed & Breakfasts of yester year are starting to vanish. For those seeking a quick and relaxing weekend getaway, a beautiful Country Inn and Spa can now provide a comfortable, modern guest experience without having to comprise on luxury or amenities.

There's no question that we live in a stressful and hectic world. More and more, people are finding it difficult to separate from the office to take that much needed annual vacation. It should therefore come as no surprise that this type of accommodation has emerged onto the weekend getaway scene.

A whole new type of lodging experience, guests can now enjoy an elegant, "country" experience while indulging in some on-site Spa pampering too. A few short days at this type of retreat can be just what a time challenged individual needs to recharge and get ready for another week. After all, even the most harried person can usually arrange for a few days every now and then to just get away from it all.

Susan Closs, proprietor of The Southampton Inn & Spa in Southampton, Ontario, saw the town's potential back in 2000 when she purchased what was then The Linton Inn. The quaint, turn of the century home already had an established history in Southampton, and its desirable location one block from the beach made it an ideal setting for a Country Inn.

Ever aspiring to offer the latest in modern amenities to their guests, and to retain a growing business clientele, the Southampton Inn introduced complimentary high speed internet to all guest rooms in 2004. Then, in 2007, Susan and business partner Tony Robins added a full service Spa and Makeup Studio.

The Inn's turn of the century charm and décor is now the only flashback to an earlier time. The in-house Spa is a modern facility, and offers many Spa packages and services, from relaxation and hot stone massage to both day spa and overnight packages, and a full range of esthetic services. Guests can arrange a pamper day and enjoy lunch from a tantalizing Spa menu. In fact, The Southampton Inn & Spa has a full liquor license and offers private dining too. Guests don't have to sacrifice fine dining when seeking out a Spa experience.

As the operation grew, it became apparent that this getaway paradise needed a point of sale system and reporting back office that would help with day-to-day operations. Toronto based hospitality software company Volanté Systems was contracted to consolidate all the services offered at the Southampton Inn and Spa, allowing for a stress free, seamless guest experience.

"I'm definitely not a computer savvy person." explains Closs. "But I found Volanté easy to use and not at all intimidating. Besides, I'm too busy running an Inn to take a computer course.

Volanté's logical layout, dynamic features and on-line assistance were very much appreciated."

Closs also mentions that Volanté's flexibility in configuring the feature set gave her peace of mind knowing she was able to track and report on all her spa services and spa inventory, while setting the security features and managing her food, beverage and labour costs at the same time. Future plans for the system is the implementation of the Volanté Gift Card Module.

"I am confident that the gift card module will increase sales for Susan along with building community awareness" Says Annette Ennamorato, VP of Operations for Volanté Systems. "These cards are so convenient for guest payment and they are great gifts too."

It's a testament to modern technology that such a sophisticated, scalable hospitality POS software system can be used with ease in a smaller establishment such as The Southampton Inn & Spa. Volanté is 100% written in Java. Volanté also offers full enterprise capability and stand-alone terminals with peer-to-peer design.

For those interested in a weekend (or a week or more for that matter) of relaxation and pampering at The Southampton Inn & Spa, visit their website at

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