Restaurant POS Software Solutions

Restaurant Point of Sale

Volanté represents the next generation in management systems for the restaurant industry.

Fine dining, fast casual and quick service restaurants all share the duty of delivering appetizing food and beverages to their customers. The modern restaurant industry functions in a highly-competitive environment as restaurants compete against one another to provide the best food, fastest service and unequalled experience for the first-time visitor or repeat customer. In this day and age, Volanté Systems enterprise system solutions provide the restaurant point of sale technology to maximize the customer experience, reduce waste and increase profits.

Volante Systems restaurant software organizes the back-office tasks, customer data and employee schedules to create a more efficient, well-running front-office environment. Volante restaurant point of sale technology has led to many dramatic improvements in customer service: better menus, faster delivery and error correction. This restaurant POS frees servers, chefs and owners from time-consuming tasks to productive pursuits in serving the public by replacing outdated technology with real-time dynamic management systems.

Higher Customer Service Expectations

Due to the World Wide Web, modern customers expect a higher, faster level of service in all realms of life, including food delivery. Food request, payment and delivery must be efficient, streamlined and immediate. Only real-time data processing, collection and reporting can satisfy the higher customer requirements for food service.

Tools to Process Special Requests

All restaurants experience difficult requests - like split orders or menu substitutes - which can overburden servers and cooks. Volante Systems Tab Management assists in handling special requests while maintaining service to all customer tables. This restaurant software is like an "electronic note pad" helping the staff to get the order right.

As the restaurant fills up, the greeter can use Volante Table Management for tracking floor plans and individual seats with real-time status. Avoid embarrassing mistakes with an electronic map of your customer seating.

Volante Payment Management handles an unlimited number of financial transactions. This restaurant point of sale system includes a Retail screen with keyboard mapping. Make sure that there are no glitches when the customer pays the bill.

Each restaurant has its own Labor Management characteristics. The Volante restaurant POS handles time and attendance parameters, job configurations and permits management overrides. Keep your staff happy so they can keep your customers happy with Volante Systems restaurant point of sale systems.


Payment Management
  • Full fine dine/fast casual and quick service compliance
  • Unlimited payment and tax types
  • Multiple currencies and languages
  • Automated back-up printer re-routing
  • Retail screen with keyboard mapping features
Table Management
  • Customizable floor plans
  • Table management down to the individual seat level
  • Real time table status
  • Tables and tabs access from any terminal
  • Full "Combo" setup
Tab Management
  • Customer tab tracking
  • Easy transferring of tabs for tables
  • Split check by seat or by item
  • Menu item countdown
  • Full coursing, hold and fire
Labour Management
  • Time and attendance
  • Unlimited configurable job positions
  • Customizable user security and alerts
  • Assign multiple job positions to any employee
  • Management override