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Stadium POS Software Solutions

Enhance the customer experience, increase staff accountability and venue profitability while providing your customers with unprecedented levels of service.

Fans that come to your events are a demanding bunch. Your ability to meet and exceed their demands will not only dictate your bottom line, but your very survival.

You don't want to have long line ups. You'd like to identify large wallet share patrons, be able to prompt up-selling and would like to have the ability to run unscheduled promotions during events to move slow moving items and to capitalize on ever changing marketing opportunities.

Better fan experience, guaranteed. Volanté – the stadium solution that will pay for itself.

Volanté software can address all these concerns. It was designed to provide reliability in unreliable environments. Large venues, such as sports stadiums, have size and distance issues and often face other unique challenges concerning point-of-sale technology. Network reliability, robust data communication and the efficient linking of multiple concessionaires with other outlets are such challenges. They often risk becoming major obstacles. Obstacles that you'll need to have the means to overcome, for your bottom line and your survival. Volanté can provide these means.

Case Study


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Considerations regarding stadium solutions:
  • Are you able to move wireless terminals between venues and repopulate menus in seconds during an event to meet/anticipate volume changes?
  • What kind of exception handling routines does the vendor use to handle the challenges with an unreliable environment?
  • Walk around your stadium and "kill" the network connection. Then ask your vendor how their POS system performs.
Features and Benefits:
  • Concourse level – standard Quick Serve Solution
  • Solution for Hawkers – ensuring accountability
  • Suites – providing maximum flexibility

Case Study

CN Centre

Volanté Enterprise Software Keeps Things Moving at the CN Centre ...Read More


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