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Hospitality Software

Offering top notch comfort and boasting ever so modern amenities, this gem of an Inn on the Bruce Peninsula wisely contracted Toronto based hospitality software company Volanté POS Systems to consolidate all their guest services. The result is a stress free, seamless guest experience.

Along with awe-inspiring technology, the millennium has also brought with it a new trend in lodging. The basic Bed & Breakfasts of yester year are starting to vanish. For those seeking a quick and relaxing weekend getaway, a beautiful Country Inn and Spa can now provide a comfortable, modern guest experience without having to comprise on luxury or amenities.

Restaurant POS Software

With the economic turmoil of late and hospitality companies tightening their belts, one might think that point of sale and restaurant software purchases would be one of the first items to go on indefinite hold. But maybe it's during tough times such as these that it makes the most sense to invest in a modern, efficient and flexible restaurant POS software solution.

Traditionally, restaurateurs have looked at the front of the house for ways to increase profitability and productivity. But by doing so, they're overlooking a very important opportunity to take control of their business and their costs. And that opportunity doesn't reside on the floor - it's found in the back office with their POS system.

POS Systems

When it comes to sourcing out new POS systems, there's no question that restaurant & hospitality operators have become more tech savvy in recent years. Not only are they more comfortable choosing POS systems, but they're also demanding a bigger bang for their buck when it comes to their POS software choices. Thinking of upgrading your point of sale system? Here's what you should be looking for in 2011.

It doesn't seem so long ago that hospitality operators were excited to see Remanco POS Systems hit the marketplace. Does anyone out there still remember the original Remanco POS System? You had a sleek looking keypad, a little black plastic "key" and a bible of PLU codes to memorize. You punched in your food and beverage orders, and miraculously, your beverage orders printed out at the bar while your food orders printed simultaneously in the kitchen. It was exciting, sleek, and revolutionary. In many restaurants, the terminal was small enough to rest comfortably next to the Pac-Man machine Enough said.

Pizza POS Software

Premier Canadian pizza chain Pizza Nova looks to hospitality technology company Volanté POS Systems and its pizza software solution to increase profits, improve operating efficiency, streamline communications and more.

Volanté Systems is pleased to announce a recent partnership with leading Canadian pizza chain Pizza Nova, to install our enterprise point of sale management system in each of Pizza Nova's 120 stores.

Volanté is currently installed in 13 Pizza Nova restaurants, with plans to implement the pizza software system throughout the chain by two to three stores per month.

POS Software for Retirement Communities

Retirement Community POS (Point of Sale) Software from Volanté POS Systems

VOLANTÉ Multi-Meal represents the next generation in POS systems for Retirement Communities. Offering a new standard in point of sale systems and data management integration, Volanté assures a level of operational reliability, flexibility, scalability and affordability second to none in the industry.

Enterprise POS

When it came to information technology, San Diego California based Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp. had looked for a number of years for a point of sale system that was as unique and individualized as their concept. Wanting to move beyond basic cash registers interfaced to a back office computer, the company had struggled to find a reliable enterprise point of sale system that went beyond the traditional functions of POS. Garden Fresh found that individuality and flexibility with Volanté Systems Enterprise POS.

Garden Fresh is a company with 119 Souplantation and Sweet Tomatoes restaurants operating in 15 states, offering fresh produce and salads, made-from-scratch soups, hot-tossed pastas, freshly baked breads and more. Since 1978, Garden Fresh has kept a commitment to delicious and healthy dining. The very first Souplantation restaurant was the first casual eatery brand to serve fresh, wholesome menu options, and the concept continues to resonate with customers. Each restaurant offers an all you can eat dining experience, where guests can create a meal tailored to their individual needs. Patrons can always count on fresh, high-quality ingredients and daily made-from-scratch menu items. The secret to Garden Fresh's success lies in their approach to food and their ability to keep costs down.