The use of fingerprint technology in the hospitality industry has become increasingly widespread and Volanté POS system allows for the rapid adoption of fingerprint recognition.

Used as an alternative to passwords, PIN numbers and ID cards, that can be stolen and lost.

Biometrics for Staff

Fraud and theft remain dominant issues for global retailers as losses continue to mount.

Features Include:
  • Eliminates ‘beat the system” or 'buddy punching' time clock related staff issues
  • Allows for more secure manager approvals and transaction overrides
  • Increases the overall operational efficiency of the business using the POS software system
  • Alternative to passwords, PIN numbers and ID cards, that can be stolen and lost


Biometrics for Customers

Volante POS has biometric identification solutions suited for K-12 school lunch point-of-sale systems, college and university meal plans, health care cafeterias, long term care facilities and corporate cafeterias.

Features Include:
  • No PIN number to forget! No ID Card to lose!
  • Decreased wait times in lunch lines and increased revenues
  • Expands to identification and tracking solutions
  • Allows students to access their school lunch accounts with only a fingertip
  • Allows patrons of long-term facilities to access their meal plan programs with only a fingertip

For more information on Volante's POS Multi-Meal solution dedicated to schools, long-term care facilities, and corporate cafeterias click here