Loyalty & Gift Card

Volanté loyalty and gift card can improve your bottom line!

By partnering with our clients, we're able to help them recognize and focus on frequent and loyal guests.

Volanté built these capabilities in a thoughtful and measured manner, and as a result, advanced behavioral campaigns can be created, managed and measured with our simple to use system.

Features and Benefits Include:
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty: It has been proven that over 60% of customers spend more than face value when redeeming the cards. Unused balances stay on the card to keep your customers coming back again and again.
  • Increase Store Traffic: Point of Sale gift card service can help you increase foot traffic and exposure to the business.
  • Increase Revenue: Gift cards are a increasingly popular "impulse buy"
  • Cost Savings: Volanté's gift card program does not require the use of any external systems or costs.
  • Flexibility: Ability to run programs as required versus the traditional manner of having to schedule "print runs" weeks in advance.
  • Reward VIP Clients: Clients are identified, profiled and serviced in a manner commensurate with their value.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Increases this through the use of bounce back coupons integrated with meal plans and rewards such as visits, lottery, points, number of items/combos, dollar value, time of day, etc.

Find out how Volanté's Gift and Loyalty systems are being used to deliver targeted rewards and incentives - click here.