Volanté designed to maximize marketing

Volanté POS provides staff with speed and agility to handle daily procedures and management the tools necessary to maximize marketing. It is a proven fact that it costs 5 to 10 times more in marketing expenses to gain one new client but the cost is minimal for maintaining a client. Your customers repeat business is essential to your restaurants success.

Volanté features a powerful tools to enhance customers interactions:

  • Customer Incentives: Can be easily incorporated that include coupons printed on receipts
  • Customer Database: CRM marketing is seven to ten times more effective than bulk mail. Volanté gives you the customer database and reporting tools you need to begin a successful customer marketing program.
  • Up-sell and Cross-Sell: Increase Sales with user defined suggestive selling solution
  • Customer Survey and Demographics: Providing data on purchasing trends and patterns
  • Customer Facing Display: An integrated monitor displaying real-time orders while simultaneously drawing customers’ attention to feature rich media
  • Playt : A mobile app combining marketing, direct customer communication and self-serve kiosk into one powerful tool.