Generate more sales by using Volanté's Promotions Toolkit.

Volanté software incorporates a powerful promotional tool kit intertwined with a straightforward user interface allowing owners as well as staff to quickly setup up and manage creative loyalty and promotional campaigns in-house.

Volanté built these capabilities in a thoughtful and measured manner, and as a result, advanced behavioral campaigns can be created, managed and measured with our simple to use system.

Features Include:
  • Discounting for single item(s), entire bill, or combos
  • Promotional functions include percentage discount, dollar discount, bonus item, mix and match and more
  • Discounting can be applied automatically without operator having to manually enter discount (prevents operator error)
  • Ability to collect customer information at POS Terminals
  • Ability to use scheduled bar coded coupons
  • Ability to control randomly issue surveys
  • Increase sales by displaying up-sell prompts to staff


Bounce-Back Incentives

Increase sales with Volanté's bounce-back programs by increasing customer return visits.

Bounce Back Coupons look like any other coupon, but they are used to entice current customers to return to your store again soon. The cool part is that the Bounce Back Coupon can only be redeemed during the designated time frame, so if the customer’s experience in December has been a good one, you’re almost guaranteed they’ll be back to shop again in January.

Features Include:
  • Print promotional coupons onto receipts at POS Terminals
  • Ability to control coupon delivery method
  • Monitor success of promotions by keeping track when incentives were issued and redeemed
  • Can be used to encourage customer traffic in non-traditional time frames
  • Using bounce back incentives can help boost sales and foster loyal patronage



Never miss an opportunity to cross or up sell with on-screen pop-up prompting.

Volanté enables dynamic up-selling and cross-selling across menus and categories. It can be setup to lead staff via pop-ups to ask pre-defined questions.

Features Include:
  • Eliminate missed opportunities to cross-sell other products - "Would you like fries with that?"
  • Increase revenue by up-selling - "Up-sell wine to compliment and pair with entrees selected"
  • Improve productivity of staff enables them to focus more on customer service