Surveys & Demographics

Identify your customers and establish marketing strategies using Volanté POS systems.

A point-of-sale system, is more than just a glorified cash register. A POS is a touch-screen computer that enables, records and charts all transactions made. All information entered into a point-of-sale system is saved and organized in statistical data form.

Volanté POS systems can be used to gather information from customers at the point of purchase. Zip codes, gender information and purchasing methods can be collected by asking customer questions or prompting sales personnel to input information during check out and combine with purchase information can be used to help establish marketing strategies.

Features Include:
  • Measurable: survey customers to correlate existing buying patterns and customer information into logical groupings or market segments
  • Accessible: In addition to being able to identify the market segment reach them in an efficient and cost-effective manner by using customer databases and loyalty programs
  • Actionable: After identifying market segment and creating customer lists create direct targeted marketing programs to encourage new and repeat business