Time & Attendance

The profitability of your business demands the efficient use of staff.

Volanté's fully integrated and feature-rich Time and Attendance solution helps operators and their managers make better decisions. Front line staff utilize the POS terminal as a data capture device to swipe in and out to begin and end their shift, creating more accurate recording and eliminating the need of time clocks, minimizing compliance risks while maximizing workforce productivity.

Time and Attendance eliminates paper reports. Simple to use and well thought out, it handles the demands on the current generation of web, texting and mobile applications - tasks that traditionally resulted in hours of unproductive work can be handled accurately in short time, reducing stress and cost.

Features Include:
  • Analytics: Volanté captures detailed data in real time, and has historical data as well. Information accessed in "real time" can be used to make well-informed decisions.
  • Scheduling: Control labour costs by identifying reasons behind effective or ineffective schedules and absences; leverage our templates and best practices so that coverage aligns with customer demand.
  • Limit Liabilities: This system reliably tracks tip compliance details, as well as whether or not government or union regulations are being adhered to.
  • Reports: Including over 1,000 popular reports and "on demand" capability.
  • Centralized payroll pre-processing: Reduces inefficiency, increases productivity.
  • Payroll Flexibility: Unlimited job code and wage possibilities, subject to the appropriate management controls.
  • Security: Multiple password, biometric and/or swipe options are available.
  • Employee Self-Service: Ease of use enables the staff, promoting higher adoption rates.
  • Call lists: Help fill open shifts resulting from absent employees.

Volanté's fully integrated Time and Attendance solution will ensure managers are spending more time-serving customers and mentoring employees rather than on administrative back office tasks.