Kitchen Display System

Coordinate the actions of frontline and kitchen staff to provide customers with exemplary service!

Volanté Kitchen Display System (KDS) provides highly visible, real–time information to manage and control kitchen operations.

Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food prep area, a KDS is made up of a kitchen controller, kitchen monitor, bump bar, and printer (optional). The KDS is designed to display kitchen order information to a kitchen monitor. The orders originate from POS input and are sent to the KDS through the network LAN. As each order is completed, the user can “bump” or delete the order from the queue by using the attached Bump Bar. Order information can also be printed from each Kitchen Controller by attaching a printer to the KDS Controller.

A KDS allows instant transmission of orders to the kitchen and constant status updates in order to achieve the best utilization of kitchen equipment and resources.

KDS captures all data for real-time reports on kitchen performance and other service parameters, allowing for service recovery before a table departs. With prep times monitored against your standards, staff can improve orders when needed, and immediately spot problems with production.

Features and Benefits:
  • Improve speed of service
  • Decrease kitchen errors
  • Display modifiers easily and clearly to ensure orders are created as requested
  • Increase customer satisfaction through faster turnover
  • Analyze item details, speed of service rates and order information with kitchen operations reports
  • View lead ticket times to determine how long an order has been in production to better manage speed of service