POS Software for Retirement Communities

Retirement Community POS (Point of Sale) Software from Volanté POS Systems

VOLANTÉ Multi-Meal represents the next generation in POS systems for Retirement Communities. Offering a new standard in point of sale systems and data management integration, Volanté assures a level of operational reliability, flexibility, scalability and affordability second to none in the industry.

Volanté understands the importance of knowing your resident's special needs, interests and dining requirements. Volanté has designed a point of sale and administration back office POS system that enables the user to track all transactions and activities associated with each individual resident.

Our Retirement Community POS System tracks all types of meal plans, activity programs and services right at the point of sale terminal. Detailed, real time reporting along with photo identification provides accurate and important information to staff and family members anywhere, anytime like allergy alerts, request notices, special needs and assistance.

A convenient "cashless" system authorizes the purchases of retail items, additional breakfast, lunch and dinners along with special activity programs and services offered at the retirement facility. Friends and families will also appreciate the flexibility of paying with cash, credit and debit also available with VOLANTÉ Multi-Meal.

Menu Programming

Volanté Multi-Meal's comprehensive menu design tool will allow the user to create menus quickly and effortlessly. Does the venue have a large menu selection? Unlike typical retirement community POS systems that force you to fit your menus into limited layouts, Volanté's open hierarchical menu structure gives the user the ability to add as many entries to menus as is necessary. No matter how simple or complex the menu requirements, Volanté ensures limitless design consistency through its ability to propagate item changes right down to the terminal level.

Clear & Concise Reporting

Volanté Multi-Meal offers a full reporting suite to aid management decision-making. The suite is designed to provide a clear insight into all aspects of your business. All the information needed is generated on demand, quickly and easily. Tailored summary reporting, drill down capability and report exporting features assists management in optimizing time spent managing business operations.

Database Connectivity

Using the latest file handling technology, Volanté POS software is designed with scalability in mind. The Volanté database management system is fully ODBC and SQL compliant ensuring that third-party systems can easily integrate with Volanté. Flexible design gives the user the option of choosing the enterprise database server of choice. Consequently, with the advanced architectural design, coupled with its platform independence and open database flexibility, the user's technological investment is protected now and well into the future.

  • Provides clear and confidential information to staff, and family
  • Photo Identification at the point of sale
  • Recognizes and determines meal plan eligibility and activity programs
  • Creates enrolment records for the residents
  • Tracks resident participation in programs
  • Customizable meal plan programs by the day, week, month, time period
  • Records transaction history of all meals, purchases and services
  • Calculates dates for residents and visitors who qualify for temporary eligibility
  • Recipe and nutrition management, allergy alerts, special care notification
  • Inventory and menu management, detailed reporting, security level set up
  • Back office administration and Point-of-Sale integration

  • Account information and balance report
  • Account payment by customer type
  • Invoicing
  • Account statement
  • Account receivables report
  • Account credit and debit transactions report
  • Back office entries
  • Meal plan summary
  • Meal plan transactions
  • Meal plan adjustments

Additional Reports
  • Standard predefined reports
  • Time dependent sales volume
  • Tracking by group, category, item, terminal, employee
  • Tracking by member, region, site, sales type
  • User defined reports
  • Probability reports
  • Currency breakdown
  • Taxes
  • Head count
  • Void details
  • Refund details
  • Wastage reports
  • PLU look-ups
  • Time and attendance
  • Cash management
  • Exporting capabilities: HTML, EXCEL, PDF and EMAIL

Volanté Multi-Meal is the perfect point of sale software for Retirement Communities.
For more information, please visit our Mutli-Meal POS page, or email us at sales@volantesystems.com