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Wireless POS Solutions from Volanté POS Systems

Wireless Mobile Computing Increases Revenues

Hospitality leaders are no different than any anyone else in the fact that they want technology to help them increase revenues.
But how can a wireless POS device help them achieve this?

Wireless mobile computing can help in many ways including:
  • Decreasing time spent during the order taking process, therefore increasing table turns
  • Increasing the productivity of serving staff, which translates into decreased labor costs
  • Decreasing food costs due to more accurate order taking and less waste
  • Allowing serving staff more time with customers and therefore increasing up-sell opportunities
  • Orders going into the kitchen are more evenly spaced, avoiding overwhelming the kitchen with too many orders at once
  • And more....

With traditional, stationary POS systems, time is wasted as serving staff stand in line waiting their turn at the terminal. With wireless mobile computing, each order is transmitted instantly, at the table, allowing serving staff to go directly to the next table.

Another added benefit to utilizing wireless mobile computing in a hospitality environment is that it allows restaurateurs to approach staffing in a more cost effective and efficient way. Instead of scheduling a large number of serving staff who are responsible for taking all the orders and delivering all the food, a wireless POS solution allows restaurant owners the opportunity to schedule just a few skilled staff, give them larger sections, and make their primary focus greeting customers, taking orders and up-selling.

Non-serving staff can then be hired (at significant payroll savings) to dispatch food and clean sections. When serving staff are able to remain on the floor, the result is superior customer service and increased sales through up-selling and faster table turns.

Volanté POS systems has revolutionized the wireless POS industry in a creative and innovative way. By using PC notebooks (not much bigger then a hand held) the entire POS software is loaded on the unit and it runs as a terminal with peer to peer, data synching etc. PDA's do not work in this manner- they require writing to the unit (in other words, new code, separate product) plus they're not robust enough for Food and beverage.

Volanté has evolved it's software into the peer to peer architecture, and now POS software can be loaded onto a small wireless notebook with amazing results. The technology is revolutionary - nobody else can do what Volanté is doing.

The benefits of wireless POS technology isn't limited to just table service restaurants either. Excellent results can also be seen in other venues, such as stadiums, trade shows, casinos, arenas, race tracks and outdoor sales areas (such as roof top patios, for instance) where conventional POS terminals aren't practical nor feasible.

Wireless mobile computing from Volante offers other important and innovative features. For instance, the menus on the handheld are the exact same menus on the traditional register. The databases are in sync with one another. You don't have to program your handheld, it's an extension of the host computer. This approach is less expensive because it doesn't require separate servers for handhelds and traditional registers. And because Volanté POS software is written in pure Java, it's real time as well.

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